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SDG 2014 ConfDone & Done! SDG 2014 Conference

We hope this year's Annual Conference delivered an insightful and inspiring exchange of ideas about grantmaking, both from our speakers and among the nearly 160 people in attendance. You may check out photos from the conference and pre-conference reception as well as key takeaways on the Past Programs page of our website. #SDG2014Conf #SDGgroupie

Working Together on Behalf of California Philanthropy

San Diego Grantmakers, together with Northern California Grantmakers and Southern California Grantmakers, are embarking on an exciting initiative to collaborate more closely.


Member Collaborations

We facilitate collaboration among funders and other stakeholders that leads to shared learning and combined resources for addressing community needs such as education, workforce, equity, veterans and more.

Featured: Military Family Support Working Group / Military Transition Support Project


Member News

Alliance Healthcare Foundation (AHF) recently hired Chief Financial Officer Paul Brown and Program Officer Michele Silverthorn. Welcome!


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The Mission of San Diego Grantmakers is to connect, educate, develop and inspire organized philanthropy to be more effective individually and collectively.